Tree planting

Finally time to plant the whitebeam and fruit trees.

We ordered the following:-

  • 5 whitebeam – Sorbus aria ‘Lutescens’
  • on rowan root stock

  • 4 apples
    • early windsor (early)
    • red devil (mid)
    • rozette (mid)
    • chivers delight (late)
  • 1 plum – Warwicksire drooper
  • 1 damson – merryweather

All fruit trees were ordered on semi-dwarf rootstock (M26 for apples) which, given our rather poor soil, should translate to trees which are dwarf.

When we got the trees, we didn’t end up with quite what we ordered. The plum tree was missing, so we have re-ordered for next year. The Red devil was on M25 root stock (very vigorous!), but our supplier assured us that it’s equivalent to M26 for this variety. Time will tell…

Enough with the detail, on to the planting.

The trees were positioned mostly according to plan, but somewhere between plan and reality we lost about 1 meter where the back fruit trees should go, so we’ve opted for just one in that space.


I’ve created a reasonably permanent setup with an old camera looking out of an upstairs window onto the garden so I can create some time-lapse sequences. Check back soon to see a proper time-lapse video, but in the meantime it’s quite fun to see what’s changed over the course of 10 days. I particularly like the Rhododendron flowers appearing (middle right of photo, next to garage).

Just click on the thumbnails below to see in full size and easily flick between the two shots.