Driveway works

We finally got work underway to redo the driveway. Aside from making parking easier by creating more space at the front, this allows us to put in a fence which will mean the back garden is finally deer proof. Next year the plants have more of a chance!

Back garden landscaping

The final stage in finishing the landscaping at the back of the back garden is clearing and levelling the ground behind the garage, and laying some concrete hard standing.

Next stage is to put in a log store so we can finally stack all the wood.

Building raised beds

Armed with nothing but some wood from our local builders’ merchant and a saw, time to build some raised beds for next year’s veg.

Final earthworks

Finally, the end of the earthworks and the last visit of the JCB to the garden…

A garden emerges – 2

A garden emerges

More earthworks

The beginning of the end of the earthworks. We decided to make use of the JCB to dig trenches for new water pipe and electrical conduit – much easier to do when there’s nothing in the way!

Let the work begin!

When we moved into the house in April, the garden looked like this:-

The overgrown leylandii hedge at the back completely dominated the garden, and pretty much cut it in two.

After a lot of clearing out, the garden now looks like this:-

… we have our work cut out for us in the coming year!