Freeing the trees

With the fencing complete, the trees are now safe from the deer, so time to remove their protection.

Autumn leaves

Various trees losing leaves over the past month. Interestingly, although leaves of the the ‘sick’ whitebeam started to turn well before the others, in the end it hasn’t lost its leaves any earlier.

Whitebeam not so well after all?

The leaves on the whitebeam with the slow growing tip are turning before there is any sign of turning on the other trees. Maybe it’s not so happy after all. We contemplated replacing it, but have decided to give it another full season to see what happens. Either way, this tree will probably always be smaller than its neighbours.

Whitebeam losing leaves

How not to train a damson

While training one of the branches on the damson, I must have pulled too hard and the branch started to split at it’s base. I’ve bound it up – time will tell if the branch will survive. Unfortunately the branch is an important one – one of two that are nearly vertical and form the main trunk of the tree. Fingers crossed.

Fruit tree progress

The fruit trees seem to be doing OK, though no sign of any fruit this year.

Apple buds

Apple buds on the old apple tree.

Whitebeam progress

Now that the leaves have opened on the whitebeams, they are wasting no time in growing – it’s amazing how quickly the stems are increasing in size. One of the trees is even sprouting rowan from the base – no doubt coming from the rowan root stock that the whitebeams are grafted onto.

Four of the five trees seem to be doing well, but the growing tip of one isn’t growing, so it will likely need some remedial action.

The older whitebeam in the front garden, though apparently a different variety, gives us a good idea of what we can look forward to.