Escalonia cutback

After hard pruning one of our escalonias in April, the plant has made a good comeback. First signs of growth were in June, and now it is putting out lots of good shoots.

Pruning shrubs

May flowers #2

Rhododendron flowers

Escallonia problems

Since we bought the house just over a year ago, the escallonia hedge has steadily deteriorated in condition. One particular area was very bad, and two plants there have died and been removed. But the yellowing of the leaves has continued and is spreading to all parts of the hedge.

There is a disease which has started affecting Escallonia in the last few years – Escallonia leaf spot. The symptoms look similar, but not identical to our leaves. Hopefully it is not leaf spot as there is not much which can be done for leaf spot infection other than keeping the plant well fed and watered and hoping.

Escallonia leaves

Escallonia leaves

Escalonia pruning

Apparently escalonia can cope with a very hard prune, and should come back with fresh new shoots. We decided to test this on one individual escalonia stem, which needed a prune anyway.