Goodbye Greenhouse

The greenhouse in the garden probably dates to around the time the house was built. Not that it has been a greenhouse recently… with no glass rood it’s more like a shed with lots of windows.

Unfortunately, it’s in completely the wrong place for our new garden plan and the wood is rotting in many places, so it will be removed when we get the tree stumps dug up.

Moving logs

Cutting down a lot of trees, means… a lot of logs.

A lot of logs

A lot of logs

And we can’t leave the logs in the middle of the garden…

Garden plan – first draft

We have engaged Edinburgh based landscape architect Sam McGowan to do the initial garden plans. While we like the DIY approach, mistakes at this stage are long lasting and hard to rectify.

Comparing Sam’s initial draft to our first thoughts, it leaves me in no doubt what a difference a professional makes! Definitely needs some changes, but we love the basic layout.

(PDF version)