Riddling the beds

Time to get the soil prepared in the veg beds. Unfortunately the soil is full of stones, and not particularly rich, but a bit of riddling and some woodchip will help.

Three done today, so three more to do, and finish preparing the paths around the beds.

Freeing the trees

With the fencing complete, the trees are now safe from the deer, so time to remove their protection.

Important update for email and rss subscribers

I have been using Google’s Feedburner service to provide notifications of new posts by email and RSS. Unfortunately Google is steadily retiring the service, and who knows how long it will still be available. I won’t explicitly turn off notifications by the old method, but it could be turned off by Google at any time and without notice.

If you would like to keep subscribing, please do so again from the site’s home page.


Driveway works

We finally got work underway to redo the driveway. Aside from making parking easier by creating more space at the front, this allows us to put in a fence which will mean the back garden is finally deer proof. Next year the plants have more of a chance!

Back garden landscaping

The final stage in finishing the landscaping at the back of the back garden is clearing and levelling the ground behind the garage, and laying some concrete hard standing.

Next stage is to put in a log store so we can finally stack all the wood.

Autumn leaves

Various trees losing leaves over the past month. Interestingly, although leaves of the the ‘sick’ whitebeam started to turn well before the others, in the end it hasn’t lost its leaves any earlier.

Building raised beds

Armed with nothing but some wood from our local builders’ merchant and a saw, time to build some raised beds for next year’s veg.

Log splitting

Before we can finish the landscaping behind the garage, we need to move the logs. They need split too, so we got someone in to split the whole lot. It took him a day and a half, but well worth it.