How not to train a damson

While training one of the branches on the damson, I must have pulled too hard and the branch started to split at it’s base. I’ve bound it up – time will tell if the branch will survive. Unfortunately the branch is an important one – one of two that are nearly vertical and form the main trunk of the tree. Fingers crossed.

Fruit tree progress

The fruit trees seem to be doing OK, though no sign of any fruit this year.

Apple buds

Apple buds on the old apple tree.

Currant update

The Ben lomond currant seems to be doing well, though it looks like most of the flowers succumbed to the strong winds recently. Still, we weren’t expecting much fruit from the currants this year. Big Ben doesn’t seem to be doing so well – it was really stripped by the deer. However, there are signs of new shoots from the base, so hopefully it will still be able to get in a good year’s growth.

The best of all, is a flowering currant which had self seeded in an overgrown gutter – now we just need to decide where to plant it.

Apple Trees

Progress from the apple trees…

Planting blackcurrant bushes

Somewhat on a whim, we decided to buy a couple of blackcurrant bushes to go in the ‘soft fruit’ area in front of the apple trees.

We decided on two varieties, Big Ben, a relatively new variety with very large berries, and Ben Lomond, a classic variety with good frost resistance and good yields. Hopefully we will get at least a few currants this year.

Fruit beginnings