Late pruning

With the very warm early spring, it’s a little on the late side for pruning, but better late than never.

Dandelion weeding

Our front lawn is rather infested with dandelions, which create rather unsightly patches which stand out because the dandelion leaf is lower than the thatch of the grass! Today we set about removing a lot, and filled a large trug in the process.

Dandelion weeding

Dandelion weeding

Update – apparently a lot of are dandelions aren’t dandelions at all, but are in fact hawkweed (family Asteraceae), though they look quite similar and are equally unwelcome on our lawn!

Spring Flowers

The weather here has been record breaking hot (for March… in the high teens, low twenties!), and the flowers are in full swing…

Cutting Grass

Time to cut the grass for the first time this year. With hardly any grass now at the back (for now) it’s just the grass at the front and side to cut. These areas have more moss, dandelions and other weeds than grass, so I gave the grass a ‘close shave’. Still a good inch or two of thatch though… at some point we’ll need to start scarifying. A thorough scarification would probably leave us with very little grass, so that’s a project for some time in the future.

Update – I’ve since learned that the best thing for a moss infested lawn is not to cut the grass too short so the grass gets a chance to compete with the moss. We’ll also fertilize and add moss killer in coming weeks, so hopefully the grass will be a little healthier by year end.

Moving logs (again)

With earthworks completed, we can now move a couple of piles of logs to their (hopefully) final resting place till we actually need to use them.

In addition to this pile, we also still have the stacked pile by the driveway and a woodshed full of logs.

These will last us quite some time…

Spring flowers