Riddling the beds

Time to get the soil prepared in the veg beds. Unfortunately the soil is full of stones, and not particularly rich, but a bit of riddling and some woodchip will help.

Three done today, so three more to do, and finish preparing the paths around the beds.

Building raised beds

Armed with nothing but some wood from our local builders’ merchant and a saw, time to build some raised beds for next year’s veg.

Weeding the future veg patch

Laying out veg beds

Using some old wood from the dismantled decking, we scoped out the size and position of our veg beds. The area isn’t wide enough for 3 full width beds with sufficient room on all sides, so we will probably end up with two 80cm beds on the sides and a full width 120cm bed in the middle.

Potential veg beds

Potential veg beds