A garden emerges

More earthworks

The beginning of the end of the earthworks. We decided to make use of the JCB to dig trenches for new water pipe and electrical conduit – much easier to do when there’s nothing in the way!

More pruning

Striped ladybird

The striped ladybird is most commonly found on Scots pine. Maybe this one was inhabiting the lodgepole pines in our garden. Unfortunately he won’t find any pines in our garden any more.

Striped ladybird

Striped ladybird

One of the things I regret about cutting down trees, is that it removes the habitat for all kinds of wildlife. However, by the time we are finished we should have a much wider diversity of plant life and a richer set of wildlife to go with it. If only trees would grow faster…

Goodbye wendy house

We debated a lot over what to do with the wendy house, although in bad condition, it had some lovely internal details. If we kept it, it would need to be moved and in the end, we decided that it was too rotten to be worth keeping.


Goodbye lodgepole pine

The one remaining lodgepole pine was moving rather too much for comfort in recent high winds, so we decided to take it down too. At least it will make the earthworks in that corner much easier and give us more flexibility in that area.